Chinese Kenpo Karate

Tracy's Kenpo is a unique and highly successful fighting system combining the most effective self-defense techniques of the ancient Chinese with the innovative ideas and concepts of successful Tracy's competition. Tracy's has revamped the traditional method of instruction into more positive learning concepts which allow us to provide private instruction for the same cost that most others charge for group instruction.

The central origin of Tracy's system of self-defense is the blending of the Hung Ga style of southern China and the Kosho Ryu style of Japan into present the Kenpo style of martial art.

Kenpo employs linear as well as circular moves, utilizing intermittent power when and where needed, interspersed with minor and major moves which flow with continuity. It is flexible in thought and action so as to blend with encounters as they occur.

Whether it is for self-defense on the street or the challenge of weak muscle control, lack of confidence, weight problems, or the more competitive drives, the Tracy system is able to achieve success for the individual.

Kenpo classes are made up of street wise self defense techniques and tactics comprised into belt rank form. The Kenpo we teach reflects the original Chinese martial art passed down from one generation to another for hundreds of years, a tradition our school continues to this day. In these classes you will learn the traditional Chinese Kenpo Karate along with the katas and forms.

Monday Thursday
9pm - 10pm 8:30pm - 10pm