Mr. Michael Walsh

I have been taking classes in Kenpo with martial arts instructor John Wos for over two years. He is an excellent teacher and pays close attention to addressing individual student needs. John keeps the classes fun, and he is readily available to answer any questions that a student has. I am a retired high school physical education instructor and former high school and collegiate wrestler at Michigan State. I was also a high school coach for over twenty years. I know when instruction is done properly and how skills should be presented. John has a sixth degree black belt. His experience and knowledge are exceptional. His background and knowledge make him an outstanding instructor. I would recommend John's classes to any prospective students who wish to learn Kenpo. He has been a great teacher for myself and my son and I consider him a close Friend.

Dr. John M Thomas MD

I have had the opportunity to refer patients of my Family Medicine practice to John Wos’s studio and see them grow, not only in their self-defense skills, but in their flexibility, coordination, physical fitness, and self-confidence. John Wos has trained my whole family how to be more aware, avoid, escape, and if need be, to deal effectively with physical violence.  If you’re looking for someone that can make teaching little kids self-defense fun, or teaching adults legitimate protection skills, this is your guy.

Mr. Jeff Hoyt

I have been going to a variety of Tracy's Karate studios for nearly 30 years, and have been going to this specific studio for the last 12. By far, the best martial arts school that I've attended! The owner/instructor John provides a variety of programs for all ages; exercise group classes, shoot-fighting, family lessons, kids 'little-dragons' group training, self-defense targeted programs, and individual private lessons. There is truly something for everyone here.

What I like about Tracy's Kenpo is that it is a very 'practical' style dealing with typical self defense situations that one may encounter. John teaches great self-discipline, works well with both adults AND kids, and makes martial arts a challenging, yet fun, activity.

Specifically, I attend the adult group cardio-kickboxing classes, and truly love the atmosphere. John sets the bar fairly high and it is a great workout. And since he has people of all ages and fitness levels, no one is expected to fully go to the max if they can't. But John is good at gauging each person's limit and will press you to work your hardest when he sees that you are not.

If you're looking for a challenging but fun workout and self-defense instruction, Tracy's Karate in North Olmsted is a great place to go.